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I ask for a clarification .. 5 months ago

of the rules tnk you  A few days ago playing on a tdm lancang dam server, on the roof of an unreachable building there were several players who killed other players from a position that was not allowed, I made a report with video and I was rightly told that not being able recognizing who had positioned the beacon would not have done anything, but then all the players who take advantage of the position created by a cheater can rest assured that they will not be banned even knowing they are in a position not allowed by the game? a clarification just to avoid wasting time for the moderators   1 of 5 players on the roof  

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I ask for a clarification 5 months ago

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I ask for a clarification of the rules 5 months ago

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A clarification on the rules 5 months ago

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Cheater or not cheater ?? 9 months ago

Sorry, in your opinion from this video is the guy on the inaccessible roof a cheater or not a cheater ??

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cheater or spector bug ?? 10 months ago


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why ?? no ban ?? 1 year ago

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as you can see from the video, he kills by standing behind objects and at a certain point he looks for enemies, aims and kills completely hidden behind an object or a wall, only 4 kills because he entered and left the game several times

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can you check this dude ? 1 year ago     

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help for search iramb.. 1 year ago

i can't find it with search             

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check this dude now 1 year ago     headshoots a lot  lagg before kill

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