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To Karek 3 months ago

Think what you want, I'll tell you what it is. I am fond of coding. All that I found was for educational purposes only, to see how the code works, what is needed for its operation, and so on. The fact that I have some accounts on cheat forums does not mean anything. I need them in order to search for source codes or projects to know how they work.

The fact that I have a VAC on Steam, I already said, my friend is a cretin. He banned my CS GO, Rust (x2) and bought about 9 accounts in Rust himself. And if you looked carefully, you would notice that 2 years have passed since the VAC.

You don't have to believe me, I don't care. BF4 is not the only game in the world. It's just a bit insulting that a verdict is passed without evidence. 1 game played well and immediately banned. I hope other people who also played the game well are not in danger.

PS I know that when you don't give your opponent a word to say, it gives you a sense of pride and self-confidence, but you're an administrator. Before closing ticket, you should have listened to me to the end. Despite the fact that I communicate in English, which is not my native language, and it is difficult for me to answer on time.

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